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I'm excited to share my knowledge and experiences with you via my blog here. I write about my music, IOS music apps and Digital Audio Workstations that I've personally used along-with tips-n-tricks that I think will help you in your music production and/or daily life.

DISCLAIMER: All articles posted below are out of my own experience and NOT paid endorsements.

If you would like me to write about something specific, send me a message via my contact form.

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My Blog - music, life & social media

5 gallon betta fish tank with accessories

Keeping your betta fish happy & healthy

Getting my betta fish was an impulse purchase. Over time, I've learnt a lot about their care and here I focus on the requirements to setup your tank including costs and some tips-n-tricks from my experience.

surround sound layout setup

Foobar2000 for upmixing 2.1 to 5.1 surround sound

A cool free trick to upmix your 2.1 audio to 5.1 surround in real-time!
I explain the setup step-by-step.

My Christmas Album

My Christmas Album (Free Download!)

Instrumental covers of my favorite top 10 Christmas songs/carols.

Download the entire album for FREE!

With Maestro Yanni in Edmonton

An intimate evening with Maestro Yanni in Edmonton

Pure Yanni just concluded the second season and as I reminisce on the memories, I thought of sharing my experience from it all. I start from the beginning of it all, the facebook post conversation...

Getting verified on Facebook

Facebook - Getting my verified checkmark

I got verified on Facebook in 2014. Since then, I've been receiving several messages requesting me to unravel the mysteries of the shining blue verified badge.

FXSound Enhancer review

FXSound Enhancer 13 review

Studio quality sound optimization without the need to upgrade or buy any expensive hardware.
Here's my review...

Abijah Gupta

My (current) Audio Setup

A look at my gear - keyboards, mixers and softwares I use to record my music along-with some tips-n-tricks and recommendations.

Randy Cooke

Farewell Randal "Randy" Michael Cooke...

A tribute to my great moments with Friend, Mentor and Supervisor - Randal "Randy" Cooke

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