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It began with my first official video for my iTunes single - Sunrise, shot by Canadian photographer Nathan Piazza. Later we worked together on NamasteTRU with the amazing Canadian Sarode artist Kenneth Wells, along-with other talented friends on a reprise version of Ken's Bombay Train.

I've also worked with the virtuoso cinematographer Japneet Singh to make my first official cover video of John Lennon's Imagine, followed by a cover version of 1920 which was appreciated by the composer Mr. Adnan Sami himself!

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Latest project...

Enchantment - A tribute to YANNI

Inspired by the "Pure Yanni" series... played and recorded in one take.
It took a span of 2 months to learn and has been the most challenging piece of music to play till date! I now look forward to learning many more such pieces.

Other noteworthy projects:

Imagine (The Tribute Cover) ft. John Lennon [With Lyrics]

This cover humbly attempts to re-create John's magic and purity as reflected in the original 1971 recording. It's almost unbelievable that I'm able to virtually play the Piano for John Lennon while he 'sings' the vocals on these.

Bombay Train ft. Kenneth 'Ken' Wells - [ReMastered] [Director's Cut]

A re-arranged version of the original composition by Canadian Sarode artist, Kenneth 'Shirley' Wells who featured his track in his 1999 album Presents of Mind. This take is not only full of energy and motion but also heavily influenced by the 60s rock genre.

Greensleeves [The Cinematic Orchestral Version]

Watch this epic 15th century folk song come alive in this larger than life cinematic rendition. This is a special project since Torrey and I live in separate provinces and time-zones. Hence, this is is distance project made possible due to the passion for good music! I've heard a lot of traditional renditions and cover versions so far but didn't come across an orchestral rendition... so I made one! :)

Kal Ho Naa Ho (कल हो न हो) [The ♥ Tribute Cover]

My musical tribute to one of Shah Rukh Khan's stellar performances in Kal Ho Naa Ho. I was only 13 years old when I first heard the heartbeat instrumental version of the title track. Over the years, this song has always been a reminder to not stress about what will be but instead focus on living for the present.

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