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Playing the Piano in Downtown Kamloops - Abijah Gupta

Hello, Namastey, Sat Sri Akal! 

My name is Abijah Gupta and I'm a big fan of great Pizza, awesome movies, cool softwares and casual photography. I blog about my music, iOS music apps, Digital Audio Workstations and other tips & tricks.

Born in Brussels, Belgium in September 1990, I moved to Punjab, India at the age of 7 where I completed my schooling. Growing up in such a culturally diverse country exposed me to a vast variety of musical influences ranging from the classical Harmonium & Tabla to the more modern Piano and orchestra.


My TRU Bachelors Degree graduation ceremony

After high school...

My Maa always wanted me to focus on my education primarily... so I did a Diploma and a Degree. After finishing high school, I enrolled at Thompson Rivers University (Kamloops, BC, Canada) in the Computing Science program. After graduating with a Diploma in Computing Science (formerly known as Computing Science Operations Management [CSOM]) I decided to move to the Business stream.

I continued my education in the Bachelors in Business (Major: Human Resources) stream leading me into a 16 month Co-op term at Teck Coal, Calgary. Once I returned, I finished my remaining semesters and graduated in April 2016.

Spiritus - Abijah Gupta

The beginning of iTunes releases...

I'm a part-time musician with a lifetime passion. Ever since I touched the keyboard, I've been trying to play and record whatever I felt like. Music was always a companion and one day I decided to share the joy it brings me, with the world...

Eventually in 2013, I started experimenting with pre-made loops and samples on my iPad's GarageBand app. 7 arrangements later, Spiritus was born and released online, worldwide, on all leading music services including iTunes, Spotify, Nokia, Xbox and Amazon MP3. The very next year, I released the Intoxicated album.

LIVE Christmas music at Tim Hortons

LIVE performances & jams

I've been fortunate enough to perform at many events during my Student life. These include the TRU International Days, Fundraiser for the Royal Inland Hospital, Christmas concert at Tim Hortons and several more!

Along the way, I've met some very talented people and had a lot of fun improvising and jamming on different songs.

Abijah Gupta with Maestro Yanni in Edmonton 2017

Musical influences...

I've always felt that no matter how brilliant the underlying music is, it ends up being overshadowed by the lyrics. Hence, becoming an instrumentalist came rather naturally to me.

I grew up listening to beautiful Piano music by Brian Silas, compositions by AR Rahman, and contemporary instrumentals by Yanni.

Sound mixer

My current audio setup...

My latest setup now features my YAMAHA PSR S950 workstation as the primary keyboard and the Yamaha P115B Digital Piano as the secondary full sized 88 keys digital Piano.

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