Getting verified on Facebook

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Facebook verified blue checkmark

About verification... 

Disclaimer: The following notes are from my own experience and experiments. I do not represent and/or endorse any of the mentioned services. Also, I do not have an "inside guy at Facebook" so please avoid sending me requests for verification.
I got verified on Facebook in 2014. Since then, I've been receiving several messages requesting me to unravel the mysteries of the shining blue verified badge.

Check it out here:

What does it mean to be verified?

Some Pages and profiles are verified by Facebook to let people know that they're authentic. These Pages and profiles may include:

- Celebrities and public figures
- Global brands and businesses
- Media

facebook twitter verification trend 2017

Why get verified?

Mostly used by public figures, a verified badge is a 'proof of authenticity' basically stating that you are who you claim to be.

It's interesting to see the search trend for verification rising ever since 2009 in the graph I generated on the left. 

Facebook music Linked Catalogs

What changed after verification?

A section called "Linked Catalogs" opened up for me which lets you add a link to your profile from any supported music service. Those links then appear under a tab titled "Music".

Just in case you were wondering... apart from that, no other "secret features" opened up (as far as I observed).

Sherlock Holmes

Before you do anything... do your research!!

Like everything else involving money, getting a legitimate agent is challenging since there appears to be an abundance of desperate people who ignore all (normally obvious) signs of a scam. PLEASE look and read through reviews of the agent you choose to be sure of their legitimacy.

Also, from my understanding, verification is meant for specific groups. In other words fan pages will most probably not be considered for verification.


The recommended method is to contact Facebook directly. After much digging around, I found the following link. The steps are:

1. Log out of Facebook first.

2. Open link:

3. Fill out all details as requested

4. "Send" your request

5. Wait for response

Note: I've been told this link works off and on.


Get an agent to do it on behalf of you. I found one via a "gig service" at a site called Fiverr.

(Read my disclaimer above)

NOTE: As many of you have been asking about details of my agent, I regret to inform that he stopped doing this work in 2015.