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Bombay Train is a rearranged version of the original composition by Canadian Sarode artist, Kenneth Wells who featured this composition in his 1999 album Presents of Mind. The take is not only full of energy and motion but also heavily influenced by the 60s rock genre. 

Sarode: Kenneth 'Shirley' Wells
Keyboards: Abijah Gupta
Bass Guitar: Morley Fernandes
Electric Guitar: Shubham Rana
Acoustic Guitar: Zain Mohsin Khan

Director/Sound Engineer/Editor: Abijah Gupta
Executive Producer: Suraj Shah
Cinematographer: Nathan Piazza

Bombay Train ft. Kenneth 'Shirley' Wells

Bombay Train

The Director's Cut

Re-edited from scratch, this version features the combination of enhanced audio and video featuring previously unseen footage.

NamasteTRU cast and crew

Planning the shoot

Shot within a month of the Winter semester’s commencement, timing was crucial to avoid potential academic coursework clashes and get enough practice to allow filming to wrap up within a day. After hours of planning and utilization of an hour or two everyday after classes ensured a successful filming experience. Previous experience from 2015’s TRU LipDub project, especially the diversity showcase, assisted in creating a minimalistic manageable yet fully functional studio setting.

The control panel for recording

It was challenging but...

This project tries to serve as a humble testimony to the fact that less can definitely be more. The difference between the planned budget and the actual budget was almost 500% lower which led to creative and more efficient ways to keep costs low without sacrificing on the quality of the overall production. This encompassed filming with multiple camera sources including iPhones, a GoPro and two Canon DSLRs.

For music production enthusiasts, the project was recorded LIVE on set using the portable ZOOM R16 recorder. Audio files were later edited and mastered in the Cockos Reaper Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) and enhanced using iZotope’s Ozone plugins. 

Kenneth 'Shirley' Wells

Trained in England as a painter and worked for 20 years in Vancouver, Canada as a Paint Coordinator in over 20 feature films and 30 television projects. He is also a dedicated musician, specializing in the Sarode, kanoun and bouzouki.

Sarode Artist/Actor/Art Director

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