Hello, Namastey, Sat Sri Akal!

My name is Abijah Gupta and I'm a big fan of great Pizza, awesome movies, cool softwares and casual photography. I blog about my music, iOS music apps, Digital Audio Workstations and other tips & tricks.

Academically, I've done a Diploma in Computing Science and a Bachelors Degree in Business (Major: Human Resources) from Thompson Rivers University, Canada.

I'm a part-time musician with a lifetime passion. In the initial years, I played and recorded several popular cover versions on my keyboard. Eventually in 2011, I started experimenting with pre-made loops and samples on my iPad's GarageBand app. 7 arrangements later, Spiritus was born. I released it on my website and The Pirate Bay as a free download for people to explore and review. A month of revisions later, Spiritus was re-released online, worldwide, on all leading music services including iTunes, Spotify, Nokia, Xbox and Amazon MP3. Three years later in February 2014, I released the Intoxicated album.

I've compacted my setup to a 2 keyboard arrangement now with my YAMAHA PSR S950 workstation as the primary keyboard and soundboard and IK Multimedia's iRig PRO 37 MIDI Keys keyboard that hooks up to the iOS SampleTank Digital Audio Workstation app. These two are combined via the Yamaha AG06 mixer and fed into either Cockos Reaper or Sony Sound Forge Pro.

I've always felt that no matter how brilliant the underlying music was, it was always overshadowed by the lyrics. Hence, becoming an instrumentalist came rather naturally to me. I grew up listening to beautiful Piano music by Brian Silas, compositions by AR Rahman, and contemporary instrumentals by Yanni.

Want to SEE more? Check out some of my work on my YouTube page here.