Abijah Gupta
Abijah Gupta
LIVE @ TRU, Kamloops (2015)
Background Information
Birth Name:Abijah Gupta
Born:September 21, 1990 (age 26)
Origin:Brussels, Belgium
Genres:Instrumental, Electronica
Instruments:Piano, keyboards
Years active:2006-present
Alma Mater:Thompson Rivers University
Hello, Namastey, Sat Sri Akal!
My name is Abijah Gupta and I'm a big fan of great Pizza, movies, softwares and casual photography. I blog about my music, iOS music apps, Digital Audio Workstations and other tips & tricks.


I was born in Brussels, Belgium on September 21, 1990. I moved to Punjab, India at the age of 7, where I did my schooling. Growing up in India, I had a strong passion for Indian classical and fusion music. I've enjoyed playing with local friends in a band during my schooling years both in high school and university. After high school, I graduated with a Computing Science Operations Management (CSOM) Diploma at Thompson Rivers University, Kamloops, Canada in 2009, followed by a Bachelors in Business Administration with Human Resources as my major in 2016. Since 2011, I've been interested in the exploration of electronic music arrangements.

Interest in music

My fascination for the keyboard opened up a universe of various instruments' voices. Apart from the Grand Piano, I could play the Guitar, Drums, Flute, Organs, Bass right on the keys. I didn't take music lessons but gradually developed a good sense of playing by ear. Over the years, with the help of YouTube tutorials, peers and other sources, I've learnt a good number of songs ranging from Indian to Western, Classical to Hip-Hop and so on.

Musical Influences

When I was a kid, my father would often sing Mukesh and Rafi songs. Eventually I started singing along too. However, I wasn't very passionate about singing since it required memorizing lyrics which I wasn't (and still ain't) very good at. Hence, becoming an instrumentalist came rather naturally to me.

I grew up listening to beautiful Piano music by Brian Silas, compositions by AR Rahman, and contemporary instrumentals by Yanni. I was drawn to their music mostly because they're all keyboardists themselves.


Casio PT-22, SA-41, Yamaha PSR 295, E423, E433, iRig PRO KeysMy parents gifted me a CASIO PT-22 29-keys keyboard when I was 6. Since then I've played the CASIO SA-41, YAMAHA PSR-295, PSR-E423, PSR-E433 and on my 24th B'day my parents gifted me a YAMAHA PSR S950 Arranger Workstation.

Dual keyboard setup

Even though modern keyboards have eliminated the need for separate boards for various voices, I have grown comfortable with using a 2 keyboard setup now. My YAMAHA PSR S950 workstation is my primary keyboard and soundboard, accompanied by IK Multimedia's iRig PRO Keys which is a 37 key MIDI controller designed to complement the DAW app named SampleTank by IK Multimedia.

Solo career (2007 - present)

Since 2007, I've tried focusing on performance oriented tracks. As a part of a school project, I recorded a cover version of Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma's Rachna Mishra khamaj thumri ang using a headset's microphone and Sonic Foundry Sound Forge (now Sony Sound Forge). With the passage of time, I recorded various instrumental tracks ranging from Hindi to English and Devotional to Classics. Shortly after, I put up many of my recordings on a website under the name Angelic Delight. Top downloads included the cover version of the Titanic theme piece which was downloaded nearly 27,000 times.

Now I offer FREE high quality downloads via Dropbox and Google Drive.

Since 2011, I've been focusing more on live performances, both physically and virtually.


Having played and recorded several cover versions on my keyboard, I experimented with arranging pre-made loops. 7 tracks later, Spiritus was born. I released it on my website and The Pirate Bay as a free download. The album fared well with multiple downloads and great reviews. A month of revision later, Spiritus was released online, worldwide, on all leading music services including iTunes, Spotify, Nokia, Xbox and Amazon MP3. In February 2014, I released the Intoxicated album.

As of December 2016, I've released 2 albums and 12 singles, along-with a handful of keyboard recordings. Starting October 5, 2013, I made all of my music available for free download. All proceeds from the iTunes versions of the same tracks go to various charities.

Projects & Collaborations

Even though my keyboards have built-in band/orchestra accompaniments, sometimes it's more fun to jam and work on projects with others. In 2015, I teamed up with my work colleague and Canadian photographer Nathan Piazza to shoot my first official video for my iTunes single - Sunrise. We chose to showcase the top 6 locations to visit in Kamloops. It was also my first on-screen appearance in my own music video. Watch the video here.

In 2016, I teamed up with Canadian Sarode artist Kenneth Wells, along-with other talented friends to make the NamasteTRU compilation. Here is Ken playing a reprise version of his original track with us - Bombay Train

I also teamed up with the amazing cinematographer Japneet Singh to make my first official cover video of John Lennon's 'Imagine', followed by a cover version of '1920'


2013SpiritusEP - iTunes
2013Om - The Universal SoundSingle - Other
2013Om - The RepriseSingle - Other
2013Shroud of TurinSingle - iTunes
2013SunriseSingle - iTunes
2013Eternal FlameSingle - iTunes
2013RorschachSingle - iTunes
2013SeductionSingle - iTunes
2013AnnikaSingle - iTunes
2013ChantalSingle - iTunes
2013League of GamersSingle - iTunes
2013Rain of my LoveSingle - iTunes
2014IntoxicatedAlbum - iTunes
2014SonakshiSingle - iTunes
2015OliviaSingle - iTunes
2016Greensleeves - The Cinematic VersionSingle - iTunes

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