Abijah Gupta - Intoxicated(2014) - The Album (iTunes Version) - [Free D/L]

Title: Intoxicated
Release Year: 2014
Type: iTunes Album

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Intoxicated (2014) - The Album

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Why two different download options?
I offer free downloads to anybody who would like to download for their own enjoyment and paid for those who would like to support my future music experiments. My tracks are cheaper than a cup of coffee! Literally! Buy me a coffee? ::wink::
About this Album: Intoxicated is the second album after the successful debut album Spiritus. Arranged around the euro/techno/fusion genre(s), Intoxicated is a perfect blend for any high energy party. The tracks derive their names from the most popular alcoholic beverages and each track promises to deliver an experience that will make you musically high.

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