Abijah Gupta - Spiritus(2013) - The Album (iTunes Version) - [Free D/L]

Title: Spiritus
Release Year: 2013
Type: iTunes Album [EP]

Cover Art:
Spiritus (2013) - The Album

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Why two different download options?
I offer free downloads to anybody who would like to download for their own enjoyment and paid for those who would like to support my future music experiments. My tracks are cheaper than a cup of coffee! Literally! Buy me a coffee? ::wink::
About this Album: Spiritus (Latin for 'spirit' or 'breath') marks the beginning of a musical adventure based on the world music genre. While 'Ortum Spiritus' (Rise of the Spirit) has an orchestra feel to it, 'Be in my arms' and 'The golden eyed girl' are soft and romantic tracks with soft and delicate piano notes. 'Sensation' brings together Indian and Western music by fusing the traditional Tabla-Sitar with Drums and Saxophone. The Strings in 'The Reunite' gives it an orchestral feel and the drum beat blends in smoothly.

Spiritus is also my first experimental EP (extended play) to be fully arranged on the iPad using GarageBand and Apple loops. This EP gave me ample opportunities to venture out into the world of electronically arranged music.

My personal favorite is The Golden Eyed Girl.

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