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Hello, Namastey, Sat Sri Akal!

My name is Abijah Gupta and I'm a big fan of great Pizza, awesome movies, cool softwares and casual photography. I blog about my music, iOS music apps, Digital Audio Workstations and other tips & tricks.

Academically, I've done a Diploma in Computing Science and a Bachelors Degree in Business (Major: HR) from Thompson Rivers University, Canada.

Abijah Gupta - LIVE at Thompson Rivers University


My fascination for the keyboard opened up a universe of various virtual instruments. Apart from the Grand Piano, I could simulate the Guitar, Drums, Flute, Organs, Bass right on the keys. I didn't take music lessons but gradually developed a good sense of playing by ear.

As of December 2016, I've released 2 albums and 12 singles, along-with a handful of keyboard recordings.


Enchantment - A tribute to YANNI

Inspired by the Pure Yanni series... played and recorded in one take.

I'm grateful to V10 Music's YouTube tutorial video that I learnt from over a span of 2 months!

This has been the most challenging piece of music to play till date and I now look forward to learning many more such pieces.

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I blog about my music, iOS music apps, Digital Audio Workstations and other tips & tricks.

Abijah with Maestro Yanni - Edmonton 2017

Photo Gallery

In picture: Meeting Maestro Yanni at the VIP meet-and-greet after the Pure Yanni Edmonton concert.
November 2017.

Greensleeves - The Cinematic Version - Abijah Gupta


Greensleeves - The cinematic version - Abijah Gupta

Watch this epic 15th century folk song come alive in this larger than life cinematic rendition. I've heard a lot of traditional renditions and cover versions so far but didn't come across an orchestral rendition... so I made one! :)

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